Investment Accounts


GKBank International Investment account is a long term, saving deposit account that matures in 3-5 years. It is designed for businesses who want to receive a steady interest income throughout the term of their investment. At the end of the maturity, the capital and interest is paid to the main corporate account of the same currency. Investment accounts are currently offered to both professional and business clients. There are no setup, administration or maintenance fees. GKBank International offers attractive interest rates starting from 5% p.a. to your USD deposits. Rates might change depending on the amount and tenor of your deposit.

Process & Key Features

  • All customers go through our account verification and assessment process prior to opening a saver account.
  • Interest begins to accrue daily, calculated at the 1/365 of the annual interest rate.
  • You will be able view your account’s total value in capital and accrued interest from the secure client area.
  • Earned interest will be calculated from your capital value.
  • At maturity, interest and capital will be paid to your business account at GKBank International (Subject to approval and T&C), from which you can transfer to an external bank account.
  • During the account opening process, your account manager will call you and confirm the operation via a 2-step verification process.

Important Information

  • There is no secondary market for our saving accounts, and they are non-transferable under any condition. Our clients can not sell or transfer their balances to another individual or entity.
  • Your capital is at risk and repayments are not guaranteed under any financial compensation schemes of the regulatory body.
  • All applications are subject to T&Cs and eligibility criteria.
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Our Investment Process

We provide financing for consumers and small businesses in several international markets through our general purpose consumer loans and small business loans. The funds generated through saving accounts are used to fuel our lending and investment operations, both in terms of lending to new borrowers, as well as growing the line of credit for our existing borrowers. Our profit lies between the returns we generate from our lending operations and the interest rate we pay to the saver accounts.

Our rigorous lending process is carried out with a high level of automation, as well the support from our skilled operations team who employs methods such as in-depth financial analysis, legal and accounting checks, detailed verification and assessments for any customers categorized as medium-risk. We are careful to avoid the subprime markets and focus on key segments and industries that our risk teams are experts on. Due to the heavy utilization of advanced credit technologies and a strong expertise & track record on key markets and industries, we are able to offer advantageous risk-adjusted returns for our saver accounts.


Since our main line of income is through financing/lending operations, we choose not to charge any setup or administration fees to our saver accounts. The following pricing scheme is applied for all the saver accounts, and there are no hidden fees other than mentioned here.

Account Setup Fee
Administration Fee
Account Management Charges
Early Withdrawal Not Available
Relationship Manager Fee
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee